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Foam Blaster Pro HD Foam Cannon DIY Kit

Foam Blaster Pro HD Foam Cannon DIY Kit

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***This DOES NOT include the blower and comes disassembled with instructions***

On a budget and can't afford a whole cannon? Already have a 12" blower? With our DIY kit you get the same amazing Foam Cannon, but you save money by putting it together yourself with a few simple tools!

After nearly a decade of use in our facilities, we're offering our foam cannon to the public for the first time!

Meet the Foam Blaster Pro HD, the only Foam Cannon with a completely tool-less maintenance design to make operation a breeze!

  • A completely tool-less design makes for easy maintenance, the only one currently in production.
  • A highly durable, injection-molded plastic barrel that is lightweight and removable. This barrel is tapered from 12" to 8" to increase foam velocity and create a more focused stream. (Wrap not included) (Plain black barrel)
  • A proprietary, custom, heavy-duty cannon mount for easy operation.
  • A telescopic stand extends from 3’ to 7’ high with a quick release and easy-to-crank handle.
  • 360-degree rotation with a locking mechanism in 3 positions (Up, Down, and Prone)
  • Easily removable and washable foam production material.
  • 90-degree swivel hose connection that lessens the chance of breaking.

Tech Specs:

  • Power: 550 W
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Speed: 3450 r/min
  • Flowrate: 77 m³/min


  • Foam Blaster Pro HD Foam Cannon Barrel
  • Mounting Bracket with Multi-Angle Locking and 360° rotation
  • Plumbing, adapters, and fittings.
  • Misc. Hardware
  • GFCI 3-way plug
  • Instructions on Set-Up
  • Utility Pump
  • 1 Gallon of Pre-Mix Solution (Just Add Water)
  • Telescopic Stand
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