How to Choose the Perfect Foam Solutions Powder for Your Foam Machine?

How to Choose the Perfect Foam Solutions Powder for Your Foam Machine?

There are various popular party themes, including a foam party. A foam party is an occasion where an area gets filled with foam bubbles. Foam machines can pump foam solution resulting in foam that may stack as high as 10 to 12 feet. Besides getting covered in foam, a foam party involves playing games and listening to music.

Foam parties are thrilling and memorable for adults and children and ideal for occasions such as graduations, birthdays, reunions, prom, and new year's festivities. Foam parties bring everyone's creative imaginations to life.

Foam parties comprise billions of tiny bubbles layered on top of each other. You need a large foam machine to speedily produce enormous foam that will drive your party guests wild. You will also require some foam machine solution.

Foam solution, generally provided in powder, gel, or liquid form enables the foam machine to generate mountains of spectacular foam during your party. Considering that you'll be sprinkling this foam all over your visitors, lawn, or driveway, we advise selecting a foam solution that is;

  • Biodegradable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dye-free
  • Non-Staining on the skin and clothing
  • Scent-free
  • And safe on the skin
  • Clothes friendly
  • Gentle on the eyes and vegetation

The solution should also be easy to clean and not leave any messes behind. Foam solutions powder often comes in individual packs, and the pouches remove the need for consumers to transfer a part of the powder before using it. Furthermore, foam powder is substantially lighter than foaming gel or liquid foam, allowing both simplicity and savings in transportation and, as a result, a lower buying cost. 

Therefore, foam powder is a great and cost-effective alternative to foam liquids and gels.

The market has a wide variety of foam solutions powder. However, you must select a foam powder solution that satisfies each of the requirements for a quality foam solution given above.

The foam solution powder should also be the one on the market that generates the most foam of any foam solution. To this end, Foam Party Supplies are a trustworthy and reputable source of quality foam solutions powder.

The Best Foam Solutions Powder for Your Foam Machine

Below are a number of foam solutions ideal for your machine.

Foam Powder by Foam Party Supplies

The pack sizes for this foam solution include two, five, twelve, twenty-four, 34, 68, and 136. Foam Powder is odorless, made of only natural materials, and free of gluten and phosphorus. We also have a small and large bags that will do 30-60 gallons for the small bag and 60-120 gallons for the large bag This white powder solution also has the following additional qualities:

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Non-slippery
  • Biodegradable
  • Safe for Pets and Humans
  • Neutral PH
  • Non-Staining

How to use:

For every 15 to 32 gallons of clean water, add one foam powder pack (as you might prefer). Water hardness in your area and other factors could affect the dilution rate.

Professional Foam Party Solution

Professional foam party solution is a foam powder produced in Canada and will live up to your expectations while maintaining user safety. This foam powder solution, created and tested in a lab, poses no danger to human health or the environment.  

This foam party solution is Health Canada-approved and works with all foam machines. The following characteristics apply to the foam solution powder;

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Gentle on the eyes
  • Dye-free
  • Odorless
  • Non-staining on clothing and skin
  • Biodegradable
  • Gentle on vegetation (grass or plants).

How to use:

The foaming machine can run for around 45 minutes on one powder bag mixed with five water gallons. Depending on the flow and water pressure, this period may change. Mix one powder bag with 50 gallons of water in your drum if you are using a pump and barrel setup.

The Professional foam party solution powder comes in packages of 10, 20, 40, 80, or 120 bags.

Dr. Parties Foam Powder Packs

Individually packaged Dr. Parties Foam Powder Packs work in most foam party machines. The powder solution is ideal for backyard foam parties and produces large piles of foam.

How to use:

Tear open, empty, and stir to use this foam solutions powder. One pack dissolve in 60-120 gallons of water.

  • A single foam powder pack lasts for 30 to 60 minutes
  • Ten Foam Powder packs could last for ten hours or longer
  • Ten packs mix in 1000–2000 liters of water and can last for hours

This foam powder, developed in the USA, received dermatological board certification. When used correctly, Foam Powder is 100% organic, has no smell, and contains no additional additives that can irritate the eyes, skin, or grass.

How to Make a Foam Party

1. Select the location

The first step towards hosting a foam party is to select a suitable location for the event. Several factors will determine the place, including environmental and individual characteristics such as the time of year and the guests. The season of the foam party event, however, is typically the most critical factor.

If you're organizing a summer party, having it outside will make it much more fun. It will be scorching indoors during the summer. If the foam party takes place in the winter, you can hold it inside your house which should have a concrete floor with drainage that way the solution won't destroy any flooring.

You need to take into consideration the environment and the water source too. The chosen party location needs to have adequate water augmentation. Care for the environment as much as you care for your guests. Whether you decide to host the party indoors or outside, you must ensure adequate plans for draining the water and preserving the grass.

2. Choose a Quality Foam Solution 

The next most crucial step is selecting the appropriate foam for the task. Some people use dishwashing soap as the foaming agent. However, you need to avoid dishwashing foams if you want to have a safe party. Although this will quickly make more bubbles, it will undoubtedly irritate people's skin and may cause allergies for some.

Use a gentle foam solution that won't irritate the eyes should it get in them. A wide variety of commercial foam solutions powder will give good foaming results at a reasonable price. An alternative would be to create foam using a foam machine.

3. Prepare the Party Space

Next is to prepare the surface you'll be using. If you're having the party outside and in a grassy area, make sure you cover the grass but be careful because this could crush and kill your grass in that area . Use a high-quality, adequately-sized wrapping material. Even if the event is indoors, you should cover the area for safety and use enough tape to secure the wrapping but be careful because this could cause a slippery surface.

4. Arrange Other Party Requirements 

Other requirements will depend on how you plan to entertain your guests. Music is necessary as it brings out an extraordinary element. However, to ensure that everyone can hear the music, be sure your DJ or speaker can blast loud music. Additionally, make arrangements for games and snacks to keep your guests entertained. 

Setting Up the Foam Machine

  • Buy or lease a foam machine

Without a foam machine, your party arrangement will be lacking. A foam machine is one of the essential components of a foam party. Get the machine early enough before the event starts to have sufficient time to set up.

  • Connect the foam machine to the power source

If you intend to use the foam machine close to a power outlet, be sure that the outlet is easy to access. Most of the time, it takes no effort to connect the foam machine to a power outlet. A GFCI outlet is recommended for safety purposes.

  • Fill the foam machine with water

The foam machine emits sprays of water at exceptionally high pressure. To make foam, mix the water with the foam solution, and adding water to the foam machine can adjust the amount of foam generated.

  • Install the foam machine

Position the foam machine in an open space where your guests will enjoy the foam as it whirls around them. Further, to ensure the correct functioning of the foam machine, place it on a level surface. 

  • Start the foam machine

Once you have set up everything, turn on the machine to enjoy your foam party. Have towels at hand for cleanup in case of a mess.

How to Clean Up After a Foam Party

A foam party will leave you with a sizable volume of foam. As the foam typically dissipates by itself, you can wait for it to do so.

Depending on the size and the outside weather conditions, it can take one to two hours for the foam to disappear and fully dry up. Alternatively, wash the foam away with water if you wish to speed up the cleaning process. Use your watering hose to spray water on the foam to dissolve it.

Foam Party Safety Tips

You need to take certain safety precautions you should take if you are considering hosting a foam party;

  • Ensure that all electrical equipment is securely covered or positioned away from the foam. It can be unsafe to have electrical equipment nearby, given the water involved in the party.
  • Use plastic cups and plates for meals. Since the foam party takes place in a slippery setting, the glass may break and result in accidents.
  • Avoid games that slide or are slippery, as they could result in injuries.

Ultimately, what matters most is the characteristics and design of your personal foam machine. While other factors may affect the quality of your foam, at the end of the day a well-designed machine will always produce foams that have superior aesthetic qualities. To achieve that, choose a machine that has all the desired and necessary features for you. Then pick a quality powder that works with those features to give you amazing foam every time!