Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon v2 DIY Kit
Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon v2 DIY Kit
Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon v2 DIY Kit
Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon v2 DIY Kit
Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon v2 DIY Kit
Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon v2 DIY Kit

Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon v2 DIY Kit

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***This DOES NOT include the blower and comes disassembled with instructions***

Hey there, budget-savvy foam enthusiasts and DIY daredevils! We've got something that'll make your foam-filled dreams come true—the DIY Kit for the Foam Blaster Maxx! Get ready to assemble your very own foam cannon adventure while saving some moolah. It's time to roll up those sleeves, grab your tools, and let the foam frenzy begin!

Check out why the Foam Blaster Maxx is the ultimate foam party MVP:

  1. Effortless Maintenance: Say goodbye to hassle! The Foam Blaster Maxx is the only Foam Cannon currently in production with a totally toolless design. It's maintenance made simple, folks!

  2. Lightweight and Super Tough: We've crafted the Foam Blaster Maxx with a lightweight, injection-molded plastic barrel that's tougher than nails. Oh, and did we mention it's removable? That tapered barrel, ranging from 12" to 8", means foam velocity is maxed out for a super-focused stream. (By the way, the speckled barrel may have some cool variations!)

  3. Custom-Made for Fun: Our top-notch custom, heavy-duty cannon mount is built for easy operation, 'cause we want you to focus on having a blast at your foam parties!

  4. Party-Friendly Hydraulic Tripod Stand: Let's raise the foam-filled roof! The Foam Blaster Maxx includes a state-of-the-art hydraulic air-powered tripod stand that elevates your foam party to new heights. With the ability to extend from 3' to an impressive 7' high, you'll create a towering wall of foam that'll have everyone in awe.

  5. Get Your Angle On: We're all about flexibility! The Foam Blaster Maxx rocks a mind-blowing 360-degree rotation feature. Yep, you can position it any way you want and lock it securely for non-stop foam-splosion action!

  6. Removable and Washable: We like things squeaky clean! The foam production material in the Foam Blaster Maxx is easily removable and washable. So, no worries about keeping that foam fresh and fabulous!

Here's What's Included in the Ultimate Foam Blaster Maxx Package:

What's Inside the Exciting DIY Kit:

  • Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon Barrel (Ready to rock your foam world!)
  • Mounting Bracket with Multi-Angle Locking and 360° rotation
  • Plumbing, Adapters, and Fittings for seamless foam integration (No foam plumbing nightmares!)
  • Miscellaneous Hardware for assembling like a champ (DIY superstar, here you come!)
  • GFCI 3-way plug (Safety first, foam adventurers!)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Hassle-Free Set-Up (We've got your back, DIY masters!)
  • Utility Pump for ultimate foam production (Get ready for foam galore!)
  • 1 Gallon of Gel Solution (Turn it into 5 gallons of pre-mix foam delight!)
  • Telescopic Stand for reaching new foam heights (Raise that foam-filled roof!)

Psst, please note that the DIY Kit does not include the blower and comes disassembled. But fear not! We've got super-clear instructions to guide you on your epic foam assembly journey!

So, gear up, DIY daredevils! Grab the DIY Kit, unleash your foam-tastic creativity, and let the foam party begin!

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