10 Reasons Our Party Foam Cannons Will Make Your Event Unforgettable.

10 Reasons Our Party Foam Cannons Will Make Your Event Unforgettable.

Do you run an event planning business? Are you looking for a way to make your services unforgettable?

This proposition can be challenging. You have competitors you need to outshine and a target consumer base with demands for high-quality services. Undoubtedly, you have the work ethic and creativity to make some magic at a given event. Still, you’re looking for every advantage possible.

Foam party cannons are one excellent tool event-planning businesses like yours can incorporate into your service offerings. Planning and running foam parties for your client base will get people talking, create buzz, and have you working more gigs than ever.

Below, we’ll explore ten reasons our party foam cannons can make your event unforgettable:

1. Everybody Loves Foam.

Rare in life are there things that appeal to people of all ages. 

Even if a movie promises “fun for the whole family,” you can expect a film catered to young children that offers an odd laugh for adults. Sure, that’s awesome–people should prioritize their children's preferences. Yet, it wouldn't be your first choice of entertainment.

Party foam cannons don’t present the above compromise. Foam bubbles are enjoyed by adults and children alike. They’re actually fun for the whole family because they tap into a grownup’s inner child. 

Any event planner or party coordinator can leverage this universal love of foam bubbles in numerous ways. You can cater to adult-only parties (like a New Year's soiree) or a child’s birthday in a backyard. Or, you can use your party foam cannons at a party with a healthy mix of children and adults (e.g., a wedding or community picnic). 

2. Festive Settings Prime Party Foam Cannons For Success.

Okay–a party, in general, is already fun. You put a group of family or friends together in a confined area, and good times are bound to follow. Then, you throw in some food, maybe some cocktails (if age appropriate), and a little bit of dancing? How can you go wrong?

The foundation is already laid for your party foam cannons to make the event unforgettable. People will already be enthusiastic and ready to let loose. Then, when you hit the scene with your silky bubbles, things will get taken to the next level. 

You’ll be the hero who turned the party into an iconic outing, and many in attendance will line up to hire you for their event-planning needs.  

3. Foam Bubbles Suit Many Moods.

Since foam cannons have many use cases, investing in one heightens your chances of making your events unforgettable.

Foam parties don’t suit only one type of mood or atmosphere. Sure–they tap into childhood fun. They fit right into an outdoor shindig with pools or sprinklers cooling everyone in the warm summer sun.

Yet, they also serve a more intense, adult party atmosphere. For instance, you’ll see foam party cannons at music festivals with DJs and lots of dancing. You may see them at nightclubs where everybody’s hopping until the sun comes up (as long as the establishment is set up for safe foam cannon usage).

Our foam party cannons have also been used at graduation ceremonies and weddings. These are more “grownup” formal events–a far cry from children at a backyard BBQ or a music fest. Foam bubbles have a luxurious quality fit for occasions with more pomp and circumstance.

The examples we’ve discussed are the only tip of the iceberg. For instance, Daycamp Owners often use our cannons for special outings for their campers. Our foam cannons have also been featured at community picnics and festivals.

4. A Foam Cannon Lays A Foundation For Fun.

Any event can be built around foam party cannons. You can even mix and match your party ideas, such as:

  • Block party game nights.
  • BBQ dance parties.
  • A pool-less pool party.

Each above idea can come to life when a foam cannon is in play.

5. A Foam Area (Or Pit) Gives Your Party A Communal Area.

We’ve all been to those parties where people silo themselves off in specific social groups. It’s human nature–we often stick to where we’re comfortable. However, the whole point of a party or event, usually, is for people to mingle.

A designated foam area powered by foam party cannons gives any event a central, communal space of focus. It encourages everyone to leave their comfort zones and begin interacting–because who wants to miss out on the foam?

6. Foam Party Cannons Encourage Participation.

Whether–for instance–there are dancing, trivia, or games of Capture The Flag being played at a party, it can be tough to encourage everyone to participate wholeheartedly. Like how event attendees might be hesitant to mingle, they’re equally uncertain about diving headfirst into fun activities.

Foam party cannons offer extra impetus for everyone to get involved. After all, when bubbles are on the scene, everybody becomes a kid again. So, a foamy presence allows all party and event-goers to let loose and immerse themselves in all the fun, regardless of the activity.

Bubbles are naturally playful, and you encourage high spirits and liveliness when you provide them in abundance (as foam cannons do).

When people are participating, parties skyrocket to the next level. They create buzz for your event-planning business and echo throughout your target consumer network. 

7. Foam Party Cannons Are Unique And, Therefore, Memorable.

Party foam cannons are–by no means–a new invention. They’ve been around for quite a while. Case in point, we’ve been in business (and thriving) for a long time.

Still, foam parties haven't worn out their welcome with partiers. It’s not an oversaturated service. People don’t attend parties with foam party cannons all that often. So, foam parties are inherently memorable. Attendees will be taken by the uniqueness of the foam area more than they will be by any music or food, for instance.

Think about the above notions in the big picture. Standing out from the pack is paramount to any party planning or event coordinating service. You require offerings that differentiate you from your competitors–this goes hand in hand with providing unforgettable entertainment. 

Party foam cannons give your customers a signature trademark of yours they can remember. You’ll be the event planner with the foam cannon (of course, you’re much more than that! Nonetheless, every advantage helps). 

Compare the impact you can make with foam party cannons to coordinating “just another party” with all the usual activities and experiences. Really, it’s academic. Party planners who want to make a statement tremendously benefit by featuring their party foam cannons.

8. Foam Encourages Everyone To Dance. 

Dancing can be embarrassing for many people. Party-goers expose themselves and make themselves vulnerable when they bust a move. So, you’ll often find that event attendees tend to take cajoling to get on the dancefloor. 

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reasoning, but foam cannons seem to encourage everyone to dance. We’ve discussed how foam taps into everyone’s sense of childhood fun. That definitely has something to do with foam's magical dance-conjuring powers.

However, bubbles also provide a protective veil. It’s like a shield that prevents people from feeling silly when they’re being a little bit silly. Any hints of self-consciousness are no longer a factor.

9. Foam Is Easy To Clean Up.

Sometimes, one of the memorable parts of a party can be what comes after. In fact, the aftermath can be unforgettable for the wrong reasons. Specifically, lengthy, stressful cleanups for your customers can leave a bad taste in their mouths. Parties are supposed to be fun–when too much legwork is involved, it can hinder a host’s overall enjoyment.

Foam is easy to clean up. All it requires is rinsing and wiping.

10. Foam Solution Won’t Irritate Party/Event Goers.

One potential pitfall of foam parties is the foam itself, irritating party-goers’ skin or triggering allergies. This outcome can only happen when you DIY your foam solution. Fortunately, Foam Party Supplies makes various types of hypoallergenic foam solutions that are safe for humans and pets.

With a proper foam solution, guests at the event can enjoy a memorable party without discomfort or irritation.  

Make Events Unforgettable By Partnering With Foam Party Supplies.

Foam Party Supplies has worked with businesses like yours for years, helping them make their events unforgettable.

Our clients are our partners. We provide products and support for parties that generate memories that last a lifetime. Moreover, we know the ins and outs of running foam parties. 

We offer guidance on all foam party facets, from how to operate the equipment for optimal results to the nuances of using party foam cannons.  

Your partnership is so important to us that we’ll provide exclusive discounts after you invest in one of our party foam cannon bundles. Reap the benefits of a sure-to-be flourishing business partnership by contacting us today.