Foam Party All-In-One Lighting System

Foam Party All-In-One Lighting System

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Introducing the Ultimate All-in-One Lighting Solution for Foam Parties

Elevate your foam party experience with this premier all-in-one lighting solution designed to transform any event into an unforgettable spectacle. Engineered for simplicity and performance, this lighting system eliminates the hassle of managing multiple devices, delivering a powerful, cohesive lighting experience.

Key Features:

  • Voltage: 110V 50/60HZ

  • Total Power: 300W

  • Versatile Light Source:

    • Two Shaking Lamps: Equipped with 1 X30W white lamp bead featuring 7 patterns and white light for dynamic visual effects.
    • Color Options: 7 vibrant colors plus white light to suit any party theme.
    • Lamp Strip: 12 RGB 5050 lamp beads (0.2W each) for stunning color transitions.
    • Strobe Lamp Beads: 2 powerful 10W white lights for striking strobe effects.
    • Butterfly Lamps: 2 units with 10W 4in1 capabilities for mesmerizing multi-color displays.
    • Padlight: 2 units, each with 6 8W 4in1 lights for broad, vivid illumination.
    • Laser Lights: 2 laser units to add cutting-edge, eye-catching beams.
  • Advanced Control Options:

    • Channel: Available in 16CH, 35CH, and 65CH configurations for flexible control.
    • Control Modes: DMX512, self-propelled, voice-controlled, and master-slave for ultimate customization.
  • Mobility and Setup:

    • Horizontal Range: 540 degrees for wide coverage.
    • Vertical Range: 270 degrees for comprehensive vertical movement.

This all-in-one lighting solution is perfect for DJs, event planners, and party enthusiasts who demand high-quality, versatile lighting without the complexity of multiple systems. Its comprehensive features and user-friendly controls make it the go-to solution for creating captivating foam party atmospheres.

Experience the future of party lighting. Order now and transform your events with ease and brilliance!

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