Foam Machine Solution

Solución de espuma

Foam solutions play a critical role in creating the perfect foam party. A high-quality solution produces luxurious foam bubbles that are safe, gentle, and fun. 

Excitement, laughter, and fun are just a few of the feelings associated with foam machines, making them a popular addition to resorts, camps, water parks, cruise lines, corporate events, and more! There are many types of foam machines on the market. Whether you choose a high-end model or an entry-level design, your machine is only as good as the foam machine solution you use in it. 

Foam solutions play a critical role in creating the perfect foam party. A high-quality solution produces luxurious foam bubbles that are safe and environmentally friendly. Here's what you should look for when purchasing a foam solution. 

Types of Foam Solutions

There are three types of foam solutions: liquid, gel, and powder. Let's examine the features of each. 

Liquid Foam Solution

  • Comes in liquid form
  • Ready to use: No need for mixing
  • Convenient - Simply pour and go

Powder Foam Solution

  • Comes in a dry, white powder form
  • Requires mixing before use
  • No measuring required
  • Lightweight, easy to transport and store

Gel Foam Solution

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the type of foam machine solution you choose. Liquid foam solutions provide a convenient, ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solution but can be more expensive, bulkier to store, and heavier to transport. On the other hand, powder foam solutions tend to be more cost-effective and lightweight, making them easier to transport and store, but they require mixing before use. Gel solution is the most cost effective, but it needs to be mixed 12-24 hours before use. 

Key Features of Foam Machine Solutions

The highest quality foam solutions for foam machines have 4 main characteristics that you should look for. We ensure that all of our foam solutions meet these essential requirements.

  1. Biodegradable - Foam that is biodegradable will break down into organic components, making it safe for the plants and critters at your outdoor venue.
  2. Safety - Choose foam that is both fun and safe for humans and pets to come in contact with. Isn't that the point, after all? 
  3. Longevity and coverage - High-quality foam will provide extensive coverage of the designated foam party area and have a long life span. 
  4. Stain and scent-free - The last thing you need is unwanted stains or pesky scents lingering long after the event has ended. 

Choosing the Right Solution

We get it! You want to ensure you have enough coverage for an epic party. The amount of coverage provided depends on the type and amount of foam machine solution you purchase. Feel free to contact us ahead of time, and we will help you choose a solution that meets your coverage needs.  

Maintenance and Mixing Instructions

Each product comes with applicable maintenance and mixing instructions that are also available online for your convenience. Be sure to follow the directions to ensure maximum performance. 

Let Us Help You Throw an Epic Foam Party

Are you ready to take your business or event to the next level by incorporating a foam machine into your facilities? Foam Party Supplies is here to help you. We back our high-quality products with excellent customer service. Whether you have a question or a concern, we are happy to provide individualized advice and guidance based on your specific needs. 

What are you waiting for? Choose quality foam that will have everyone experiencing the time of their lives. Shop our full line of foam solutions now!