Air Blaster Maxx Precision Fill 4500psi Compressor Kit

Air Blaster Maxx Precision Fill 4500psi Compressor Kit

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Elevate your air-powered experiences with the Air Blaster Maxx PrecisionFill Compressor Kit. Designed for enthusiasts who demand more from their equipment, this advanced compressor combines high-performance features with ease of use to deliver a superior refilling solution for your Multi Launcher Tanks.

Key Features:

  • Smart Auto-Stop Technology: PrecisionFill's intelligent auto-stop feature eliminates guesswork by automatically shutting down once it reaches the preset pressure, ensuring safe, precise fills every time.

  • 4500Psi High-Power Output: Capable of delivering up to 4500Psi, this compressor fills your tanks rapidly, minimizing wait times and maximizing your play.

  • Integrated Water-Oil Separator: To guarantee the cleanest air for your tanks, the PrecisionFill includes a built-in water-oil separator, significantly extending the life of your equipment by preventing contamination.

  • Enhanced Cooling System: Featuring an advanced cooling system, this compressor maintains optimal operation temperatures, ensuring efficiency and longevity without the need for water.

  • Quiet Operation for Any Setting: Designed to operate quietly, the PrecisionFill is suitable for use in various environments, from residential areas to competitive fields, allowing for discreet refilling whenever needed.

  • Durable and Portable: Constructed with durability in mind, the PrecisionFill is not only built to last but also designed for easy transportation to wherever your adventures take you.

The Air Blaster Maxx PrecisionFill Compressor Kit is the ideal choice for users seeking a blend of performance, precision, and portability. It's perfectly suited for those who take their air-powered activities seriously and demand a reliable, efficient, and clean air supply for their launcher tanks.

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