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A jar of UV green foam machine solution colorant from Foam Party Supplies
A large container of UV foam party solution colorant
UV Glow Foam Powder

UV Glow Foam Powder

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UV Foam Powder is ready to make your next foam party glow! Create a neon experience with your  foam machine that will leave your guests in awe. The UV-reactive formula makes your foam come alive under black light, radiating vibrant and captivating colors.

Simply sprinkle the UV Foam Powder into your foam solution , and watch the magic unfold under black light, radiating vibrant colors. This gives you versatility, so you can use the same foam solution for both glowing nighttime events and daylight parties, too.

Like all of our foam solutions, our safe and non-toxic, water-soluble formula ensures a worry-free party with easy cleanup. Use directly in our Black Box injection system or with the traditional utility pump method.

Glow Foam Powder Product Sizing

  • Small: Dyes up to 40 gallons of foam

  • Large: Dyes up to to 400 gallons of foam.

Order our UV Foam Powder today and wow your guests with an unforgettable neon spectacle!

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