Foam Blaster Maxx and other accessories and products included in the Business in A Box product bundle
Foam Blaster Maxx Cannon - &
Foam Blaster Maxx Cannon - &
Foam Blaster Maxx Cannon - &
Foam Blaster Maxx Cannon - &

Foam Blaster Maxx Cannon - 'Business in a Box' Bundle

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Swap Your Utility Pump for a Black Box?
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Foam Cannon Blaster Bundle for Businesses

Introducing the Foam Blaster Maxx “Business in a Box” Bundle, your one-stop solution for jumpstarting your foam party business! Designed with both efficiency and fun in mind, this comprehensive bundle equips you with everything you need to start or enhance your foam party events.

  • Foam Blaster Mount: Central unit for high-volume foam production, with a sturdy mount and stand for easy setup and stability.
  • Pumping Options: Includes a choice between a Utility Pump and The Black Box, both designed to optimize continuous foam output.
  • Foam Solution: Comes with 10 gallons of premium Gel solution that creates rich, long-lasting foam with minimal environmental impact.
  • Flexzilla Hose: 10' hose offering flexibility, ease of use, and durability for covering all party areas.
  • Large Capacity Barrel: 53-gallon collapsible barrel for storing ample foam solution, easy to transport and store.
  • Remote Control: Features 3 outlets with Wireless Remote Control for effortless operation of the foam party setup.
  • Safety Features: Includes a GFCI to ensure electrical safety during use.

The Foam Blaster Maxx Business in a Box Bundle is more than just a set of tools; it's an investment in your company. Whether you're looking to start a new business to take your events to the next level, this bundle has everything you need.

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