Air Blaster Maxx Ultra Fill:5800Psi Compressor Kit

Air Blaster Maxx Ultra Fill:5800Psi Compressor Kit

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The Air Blaster Maxx UltraFill Compressor Kit represents the zenith of air compression for the most demanding enthusiasts and professionals. This unparalleled compressor kit is engineered to deliver not just with its impressive 5800Psi output but also with advanced features designed to keep you ahead in efficiency, durability, and performance. The UltraFill model is the definitive solution for those who demand the best for their Multi Launcher Tanks.

Key Features:

  • 5800Psi High-Pressure Output: With its industry-leading 5800Psi capability, UltraFill dramatically slashes refill times, ensuring your tanks are quickly ready for action.

  • Dual Piston Mechanism: The dual piston design enhances the compressor's efficiency, offering faster, more reliable compression with every use.

  • 4-Stage Compression System: This sophisticated 4-stage compression system maximizes air purity and density, delivering cleaner and more potent air to your launcher tanks.

  • Extended Continuous Operation: Built for endurance, the UltraFill can operate for up to 10 hours continuously, making it ideal for intensive use in competitions, events, or extensive practice sessions.

  • Advanced Auto-Stop and Cooling: Featuring an auto-stop function for precise filling and an efficient cooling system to maintain optimal operation temperatures, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Dual Filtration for Ultimate Purity: Equipped with a dual-stage filtration system, including a water-oil separator and air filtration, to ensure the cleanest air for your equipment, prolonging the life of your launcher.

  • Ultra-Quiet and Portable: Despite its power, the UltraFill operates quietly, making it suitable for various environments. Its design also prioritizes portability, allowing for easy transportation to wherever your passion for launching takes you.

The Air Blaster Maxx UltraFill Compressor Kit is not just a tool but a game-changer for those who take their air-powered activities seriously. Offering unmatched performance and features, it ensures that your air tanks are filled efficiently, safely, and reliably, keeping you always ready for the next launch.

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