How Much Foam Output Do I Need–And How Will It Impact The Size And Power Requirements Of The Machine?

How Much Foam Output Do I Need–And How Will It Impact The Size And Power Requirements Of The Machine?

You run a party or event planning business and want to ramp up your services with a foam machine. Let us first say–you’ve made a wise decision.

Most businesses must find a niche that sets them apart—but those niches must also be versatile. It’s one thing to offer something unique to your customer base. Maximizing the viable number of use cases for your unique offering is another far more lucrative thing.

A foam machine ticks the above boxes. It’s highly specific, ensuring you’re not entering an oversaturated market. Simultaneously, a foam machine has a diverse appeal.

Here’s what we mean:

A Foam Machine Is An Ideal Solution for Children's Parties. 

Say you’ve invested in a foam machine and foam machine foam for your party planning business.

You’ll be a hit at kid’s parties.

Put yourself in the shoes of children. Is there anything more fun than bubbles when you’re young? A bubble bath is a puffy warm cloud of playtime. It’s often the only way to get toddlers into the tub because they’re distracted by all the fun!

Science backs this positive association children have with bubbles. During early developmental stages, a child tracks the bubbles with both their eyes, moving them up and down. It helps develop their hand-eye coordination.

Moreover, bubbles stimulate the brains of young children, keeping them engaged and interested.

This love for bubbles doesn’t end as kids get older. At this point, pool parties become the rage–but the foam bubble love remains. There’s something innately playful about floating pillowy tufts that contributes to a fun-filled, festive atmosphere.

Want more proof? Observe a group of children at a foam party, from toddlers to pre-teens. Imaginations will be sparked, and smiles will be permanently etched on their faces!

Your Foam Machine Will Work for Adults Too!

Foam bubbles remain enjoyable for adults–but for different reasons than when we're children.

That said, foam bubbles do tap into a grownup's sense of playfulness. Still, the associations adults have with foamy bubbles are more complex.

Take a bubble bath, for instance. They're a staple of childhood, yet many adults enjoy them but not for playing with a rubber ducky or toy ships.

For grownups, foamy bubbles are therapeutic and luxurious. They help us forget about our day-to-day stresses. The experience is akin to relaxing at a spa.

Unsurprisingly then, a foam machine is a massive hit at dance parties. It takes a run-of-the-mill DJ dancefloor setup and gives it an opulent VIP feel with an elevated sense of euphoria. Everyone will feel more relaxed and inclined to let loose and experience a shindig they'll remember fondly.

Here are a few other settings where a foam machine would be a huge hit (for children and adults):

  • Graduations
  • College events and parties.
  • Summer camps.
  • Birthday parties.
  • BBQs
  • Festivals
  • Daycare centers.
  • School events.
  • Halloween parties.

Maximizing Your Foam Machine (And Foam Machine Foam) Investment

A foam machine will set your party business apart and give you a competitive edge. Still, there's a matter of learning how to optimally incorporate foam.

There's something of a sweet science to foam parties. You need the appropriate amount of bubbles for given situations. For example, an enclosed space shouldn't be too overrun with bubbles. Nobody would be able to see one another, and they may feel too cramped.

By grasping suitable foam outputs, you'll ensure your business will benefit from your foam machine. We'll also point out that the amount of foam you generate can be dictated by the equipment you use.

Starting Big With Your Foam Output Needs

Say you’re working at an event in an open outdoor space. Filling this area with a sea of foam machine foam is often appropriate.

Thus, you’d be looking into heavier-duty foam outputs.

For instance, our Foam Blaster Pro HD is a foam cannon that generates mass amounts of foam in seconds. Here’s a video of this product in action at a day camp. You can see the children literally swimming in foam.

There’s a lot of wiggle room to work with regarding your foam output in this day camp scenario. You could feasibly keep output lower–but then you’d need a less heavy-duty foam machine.

Still, ramping up foam output seems like the best approach since you’re in an open area where participants will go bonkers for the bubbles.

Note that our Foam Blaster Pro HD has a flow rate of 77 m³/min.

Where Do Lower Foam Outputs Fit? 

Instead of using your foam machine at an open-spaced day camp extravaganza, let's say you've been hired for a graduation or a gala with dancing.

A full-on cannon that overwhelms everyone with foam machine foam isn't likely to do the trick. The foam must contribute to the ambiance in these scenarios–not necessarily act as the event's centerpiece.

The event or party might still be in an open space–similar to a day camp property. Yet, the vibes will be different.

This need for reduced foam output might call for the Foam Blaster Pro Foam Machine. It can fill a 30 x 40 area that's 5 feet deep with foam in under 7 minutes. The location of the hypothetical foam party we're discussing could be larger–so you can spread the bubbles out.

Alternatively, say you've been hired for a child's birthday party where the foam machine foam is the main focus.

Often, child birthday parties are held in closer quarters that you could submerge in foam machine foam with a lighter-duty machine. In this case, the Foam Blaster Pro Foam Machine will still be ideal.

A Happy Middle Ground

Now, let’s say you’ve been hired for a party where lots of foam machine foam is called for. Maybe, you’re providing foam to a BBQ in a spacious backyard–or you’ve been hired for a day camp like in our first scenario.

However, in this scenario, you’re on a budget. Or, perhaps you don’t often work events calling for such a heavy-duty amount of foam machine foam. This is a special occasion. Either way, pouring money into a full-on foam cannon doesn’t quite make sense for your business.

Here’s where you need to get creative with your foam machine usage and bubble output. As long as you already have a 12” blower, our Foam Blaster Pro HD DIY Kit will give you all the bubbles you need.

In other words, you get the cannon without the higher cost. All you need to do is assemble it yourself. 

This option is an ideal middle ground for many reasons. First, it means you’re equipped to provide foam party services for vaster settings. Alternatively, you can disassemble it when a client’s outing calls for a lower-level foam output.

In short, with the DIY kit, your 12” foam blower can function as two different cannons. Talk about optimized efficiency!

Every Investment Counts for Your Business

Adding foam machines and foam machine foam to your party-planning toolkit is a wise investment.

Nonetheless, we want to stress the importance of researching to find the most suitable foam machine for your needs.

Foam output is one factor to consider. There's also your budget and the level of consumer demand to mull over.

In the introduction, we discussed how foam parties fit a specific niche. Moreover, there are niches within the broader foam party niche.

Foam Party Supplies has worked in this industry for many years, and we've partnered with thousands of clients like you. Our most successful customers discover their niche within the niche and establish a strong foothold.

So, ask yourself whether your strengths align with kids' parties or more adult events. Would you specialize in indoor foam parties? Is your skillset more suited to music festivals?

These questions will dictate the type of foam machine you use and the level of required foam output.

Beyond that, finding your niche will dictate your marketing approach, helping you generate demand among a target demographic for your services.

Word will spread the moment you knock it out of the park at one foam party. From there, people will be lining up for you to provide similar services.

Partnering With A Foam Party Expert

The number of different foam party scenarios is vast.

Thus, the appropriate foam machine foam output levels are a more complex topic than this article can fully cover.

Fortunately, the experienced team at Foam Party Supplies is an enthusiastic group of foam party experts. All you need to do is contact us with your questions about ideal foam output (or any other foam-related question), and we’ll respond with high-level insights.

We’ll also help you find the foam machine that best suits your budgetary needs without sacrificing quality and results.

Once you enter the foam party space, the world is your oyster. You’ll have the keys to the party-planning castle because you’ll offer something everybody enjoys, from excitable children to laid-back adults.

Most importantly, we’re thrilled to be part of your sure-to-be fruitful foam party business journey. Your success is our success!