How Do Foam Machines Work?

How Do Foam Machines Work?

There are lots of theme parties parents can have for their children. Yet, as we enter these highly technological times, it can all sometimes seem a little…well…complicated.

The truth is that children respond to simple, straightforward, and engaging activities. Months of intricately planned events and high-end presents aren’t necessary. You’d be surprised how much the little things dial up the fun.

Take foam parties, for instance.

With foam machines, you don’t need to buy everyone tickets to a sporting event of laser tag. There’s no wild, birthday-themed scavenger hunt that takes you a whole workday to organize. Nor do you have to worry about everyone ending up by the television playing a video game instead of running around and getting exercise.

Foam machines lean into unabashed play and good times. A foam machine for party purposes takes an uncomplicated concept, offering guests and hosts a day to remember for the rest of their lives.

We’ll delve further into the topic of foam machines below:

What Are Foam Machines?

A foam machine, foam bubbles machine, or foam cannon machine is used at parties to fill driveways, front, and backyards with clean, refreshing foam tufts.

Foam from these machines can stack incredibly high. It covers large areas and leads to big-time fun–especially when paired with high-energy music encouraging everyone to dance and let loose.

Foam machines come in several different sizes and types, such as standard or extra-large. Choose the size based on the space you’re working with, how much foam you want, and your budget.

What Do You need For Your Foam Machine to Work? 

Details might differ based on the foam machine, but below is a general description of how foam machines operate.

Sourcing Your Water

The inner workings of a foam machine start with a 30 gallon trash receptacle up to a 55 gallon drum. Depending on the solution used and the size of your reservoir, (Pre-Mixed v. Gel v. Powder) each uses a different mixture, however at a base level the premix mixed anywhere from 75:1 to 150:1 so it could be anywhere from 5 to 10 cups of solution per 50 gallons depending on the ratio.

Now it’s time to put the water into the reservoir, filling it all the way. Then, put the submersible pump (that belongs to the foam machine) into the reservoir. It should begin to create the foam after sucking out the solution.

Note that you can fill your giant bucket (aka foam machine reservoir) with water from a standard water hose outlet. Ensure your water source is as near the foam party setup as possible. However, many water hoses are long enough to allow the water source to be as far as 100 feet from the machine.

Solution for Foam Machines

The entire point of foam machines is to produce foam, which can’t happen if you don’t have the solution to create pillowy tufts of suds and water.

Solutions for foam machines are available in liquid, gel, or powder form.

Be mindful that you’re spraying the foam all over party guests in your driveway or backyard. So, it’s wise to choose from solutions with the following characteristics:

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • Colorless
  • No Scent
  • Non-Staining
  • Neutral PH
  • Pet and Human Safe
  • Cosmetic Grade Ingredients
  • Organic Formulation

Where can you find such a foam machine solution?

Look no further than Foam Party Supplies. Our solutions have the above features and offer some of the highest foam output you’ll find on the market. 

Furthermore, Foam Party Supplies foam solutions don’t lead to slippery or sticky messes that you’ll spend hours cleaning up. Clean-up is pain-free because the foam evaporates on its own or clean-up can be accelerated with a garden hose/spray nozzle to help break down the foam.

Don't Forget Your Electrical Outlet

Foam machines require power. They must be plugged into an easily accessible, standard electrical outlet for optimal usage at your party.

Extension cords can allow the outlet to be 100 feet away from the foam machine, but–much like with the water source–the closer, the better. Experts on foam machines and parties suggest using a waterproof extension cord connector combined with a 12-gauge weatherproof extension cord. This way, everyone’s safety is ensured if the cords get wet accidentally.

One last disclaimer is to run extension cords away from the area where foam is dispersed.

Somebody Needs to Operate The Foam Machine

You’re almost ready for foam-party liftoff, but you still must appoint the ever-so-important foam machine operator.

It’s feasible for you as the party host to operate the foam machine–but that would ruin much of your fun. You’ve already planned the party–you don’t need to do more work. You deserve to kick back and lap up all the excitement as the festivities ensue.

While our HD machine can require a professional, most of our machines are easy to use and come with step by step instructions on how to operate. We’re also working on video guides for these as well. Stay tuned.

Thus, we suggest hiring a foam party machine operator.  

Skilled professionals in this space can carry the load and ensure your party reaches optimal foaminess. The operator will also set up and tear down the machine, decreasing your workload even more. While the professional operator does the nitty-gritty labor, you can relax, immersing yourself in foam.

Other Details to Consider for Your Foam Party

The best foam machines and the optimal technical and logistical setup will start your foam party on the right foot. Still, there are other factors to consider, which we’ll detail below:

Make Sure to Remember a Music Speaker

Much like peanut butter isn’t the same without jelly and fries aren’t as good without ketchup, a foam party isn’t quite a foam party without music.

Since foam parties are typically held outdoors with lots of buzz and chatter, you’ll need a powerful enough music speaker to cut through the noise. We suggest going no lower than a 200w speaker, but the higher, the better. Furthermore, try to find a water and splash-proof speaker.

Foam parties are usually family-friendly, but that doesn’t mean the tunes can’t be bumping. Songs like Pharell’s Happy or I’ve Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas are always sure-fire winners.

Remind Everyone to Dress Appropriately

You could arrange the most outrageous, fun-filled foam party, and it can still be undone by a crucial oversight: not telling your guests what to wear.

Why? Because donning the wrong foam-party attire could lead to an uncomfortable experience.

We suggest your guests wear lightweight clothing (e.g., shorts, a t-shirt, and a swim shirt) that offers optimal comfort. The attire appropriate for a foam party is almost identical to what’s worn at a pool party.

Ensure that all guests know to wear clothes they’re okay with getting wet and can dry quickly.

Advise against wearing anything suede or any material that isn’t water friendly. Essentially, fancy or dress clothing should be avoided at all costs.

Your guests can even wear water shoes or waterproof boots, but they aren’t all that necessary.

Where Can You Find the Best Foam Machine For Sale? 

Are you seeking a foam party machine for sale?

If so, finding the best possible foam machine for your party can be tricky, given the available products on the market, like the Blaster 3000 Foam Machine or the Monster Foam Cannon.

Also, you may want to avoid buying something brand new, and finding a used party foam machine for sale is more up your alley.

Regardless of the specific foam machine for sale, you must trust the source. Only through a reliable provider can you know you’ll have a quality product that offers a truly unforgettable, seamless foam party experience.

That said, who’s the best choice to satisfy your foam machine needs?

We suggest a company dedicated to quality and consistency that delivers unforgettable foam party experiences with top-tier selection. You deserve to buy your foam machine from a company passionate about its products and committed to leaving customers with lasting smiles on their faces.

More to the point, we suggest purchasing your foam machine from Foam Party Supplies.

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Do you have any questions about foam machines and the related accessories? Then contact Foam Party Supplies today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you bring your foam party fun to life!