The Top 3 Foam Party Ideas You Need to Check Out

The Top 3 Foam Party Ideas You Need to Check Out

If you're looking for good, clean fun, you can't go wrong with a foam party. What's better than playing and dancing in endless piles of gentle foaming bubbles, with none of the after-party mess to clean up? Plus, you can throw foam parties any time of the year, not just in the summer.

Want to know how? Read this guide to plan an unforgettable foam party today!

Everything You Should Know About Foam Parties

Foam parties have been around since the '80s, but they're seeing a revival thanks to social media videos. A foam party is a super fun idea for families, friends, events like festivals, school and church fairs, and much more.

If you’ve attended a foam party, loved it, and want to organize it, let’s cover some foam party basics to get you started.

What's A Foam Party? 

A foam party is a high-energy event featuring lots of foam at the venue. Think of six-foot foam piles, swimwear, and great music. Everyone loves a foam bubble party, so there's no age limit. And you can do whatever you want with the foam: dance in it, roll around in it, pile it on each other's heads, build foam creatures–as long as you thoroughly enjoy yourself.

What Do I Need for A Foam Party? 

Foam parties need a few essential things:

  • Space: You'll need at least a 20x20 area up to 60x60 to have a foam party.
  • A foam machine: Choose a foam cannon that covers a wide area quickly. You want to avoid standing around waiting for the foam or squeezing too close together to grab a little foam.
  • Soap: Choose an unscented, biodegradable, hypoallergenic soap solution that won't stain clothes or irritate the skin. Avoid using dish soap or detergent at all costs.
  • Water: A 50-gallon reservoir is enough to make foam. Use a hose to get the water to the reservoir.
  • Waterproof speakers: What is a foam party without good party music? Ensure that your speakers resist water damage, preferably with an IPX5 rating or higher.
  • Power outlet: You'll need to connect the foam machine to electricity. Consider using a good-quality power strip if you can't plug the device directly into a wall socket.
  • Plastic utensils and furniture: Plastic tables and chairs are great for wet conditions. Serve your party food and drinks with plastic utensils, too. Avoid glassware that can slip and break when handled with soapy hands.

Where Can I Have A Foam Party? 

You can have a home foam party in your backyard or driveway if you want it outdoors. A backyard foam party is easy to set up as long as you have the minimum 20x20 space. An indoor foam party is tougher to arrange at home but works well for venues like schools or banquet halls.

You can also have a foam party in your basement if you line the floor and walls with a tarp or plastic sheets and cover electrical outlets. With a bit of extra planning, you can throw foam parties all year round!

What Do I Wear to A Foam Party?

The typical foam party dress code is swimwear because it's designed for wet conditions. However, light clothing will do, as long as you don't mind your outfit getting damp or soaked. Also, choose a good pair of non-slip shoes so you won't slide on wet grass or concrete. Of course, you can always party barefoot if the ground is free of tripping hazards or obstructions.

What Do I Bring to A Foam Party?

You'll need a few extra accessories for a backyard foam party:

  • A towel to dry off quickly when you get out of the foam
  • Sunblock to protect your skin when you foam party outside
  • Extra clothes to change into after the foam party
  • A smartphone to capture the foam party fun!

3 Excellent Foam Party Ideas to Try

Foam parties are unforgettable as they are, but you can spice things up by choosing a Whether you're throwing a foam birthday party, gender reveals party, or engagement party, here are the top 3 foam party ideas to consider.

1. An Ocean Adventure

Sea or ocean foam is a common natural phenomenon, so why not bring it into your foam party? You only need to add blue lights and sea-animal balloons to your foam party venue and serve seafood and blue-colored drinks. Even better, ask your guests to come dressed as sailors, pirates, mermaids, or their favorite sea creatures.

Send your foam party invitations as messages in a bottle, or use seashell or fish-shaped notepads and envelopes. The ocean blue theme goes perfectly with the white foam at the party, so you can use blue-and-white decorations to bring it all together.

2. Back to the 80's

Skip the '90s and 2000s and try some disco-themed foam party ideas! The 1980s were filled with neon-colored fashion, iconic video games, MTV music, and big hairdos. There are endless inspirations for foam birthday party ideas, from retro disco balls to vintage boom boxes, old movie cassettes, and music tapes.

You can even choose a classic 80s film as your foam party theme. As a bonus, use colored foam for these throwback foam party ideas, like hot pink or bright green foam.

3. Foam Bounce House

A bounce is a great way to keep the foam contained while adding an extra dimension to the bouncy fun. It will get extra slippery from the soap and water, so choose a bounce house with a slide.

You can set up the bounce house indoors or outdoors for a fun, foamy workout. Don't overcrowd the foam bounce house, though, since everyone needs enough space to jump inside it safely. 

Safety Tips for Foam Parties

If your party guests include young children or elderly folk, you may wonder about the safety at foam parties. Here are to foam party safely:

1. Choose the Right Foam Solution

As mentioned previously, the best soap for a foam party is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and unscented. Also, ensure that your water reservoir is filled with clean water. The foam solution is, therefore, perfectly safe to use. It doesn't irritate the skin or eyes, washes off quickly, and doesn't damage the environment.

2. Pick the Ideal Foam Party Location

You can try different foam birthday party ideas for indoor and outdoor spaces if you meet the minimum space requirements and use the venue appropriately. Watch out for slick spots on the ground if your foam party is on a concrete or tile floor. It's also better to have foam parties on lush lawns since a dry lawn will get muddy (unless that's part of the fun).

3. Mind the Foam Party Footwear

It's easy to dance and play inside the foam without slipping. If you prefer to wear shoes, however, choose something that offers some traction, like an old pair of comfortable sneakers that you don't mind getting wet.

Avoid flip flops or heels, which can make you slip and fall easily. Since the floor will be covered in foam, ensure that there are no obstructions that could trip or injure you. Stick with large objects like beach balls instead of small toys that get lost in the foam.

4. Set Up the Foam Machine Safely

A foam machine is easy to set up, so you can have your party going in under 20 minutes. However, ensure there are no electrical items around the foam party area because there's water involved in making party foam. Place the machine on a level surface, turn it on, and have fun!

5. Protect Your Gadgets

A foam party is the ultimate Instagrammable event, but try to take photos and videos outside the foamed area. Ask your guests to keep their gadgets like smartphones, smartwatches, and headsets safe and dry even if they're rated as waterproof. Nobody likes to lose or ruin their devices at parties.

How to Choose a Foam Cannon

Depending on the space and number of guests, different types of foam machines are available for foam parties. A basic foam cannon can cover a 20x20 area with foam, ideal for about 25 kids or 15 adult guests. Go for a foam machine with a sturdy stand, a long connection hose, and a warranty. 

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