The Science of Foam: How Our Foam Machines Work To Create Amazing Events

The Science of Foam: How Our Foam Machines Work To Create Amazing Events

First and foremost, foam machines–and the parties they power–are all about straightforward, old-fashioned fun. There’s no new-fangled device, app, or video game console required.

Sure, you could combine a bunch of bells and whistles with your foam party supplies of choice. We wholeheartedly support being creative and imaginative.

Nonetheless, you could strip everything down to its barest elements. You could have a non-existent decoration budget. The only refreshments could be some apple juice and a bag of potato chips. The party could be hosted in a front or backyard with no swimming pool, swing-set, sandbox, or slide.

Combine those bare settings with one of the foam machines from Foam Party Supplies, and your event will remain a sure-fire winner. 

Foam machines border on magic in their ability to instantly conjure fun from seemingly nothing. These instruments of unabashed joy and jubilation transform a ho-hum affair into the event of the year.

Perhaps, the beauty–and magic–revolving around foam machines stems from their simplicity. You fill a space with foam–and some foot-tapping tracks–and everyone is suddenly having a blast.

Foam machines also appeal to all ages. 

Say you’re hosting a child’s birthday party. You don’t need to organize a whole chaotic day at a ball game, bowling, or laser tag. Fraught, disorganized scavenger hunts won’t be necessary. The foam bubbles do all the heavy lifting.

Foam machines are also suitable for adult parties. A BBQ, some grownup beverages, bumping tunes, and foam bubbles take a summertime hangout and turn it into an all-out extravaganza.

The above examples only scratch the surface, too. Foam machines are a hit at graduations, picnics, music festivals, day-camp events, and much more.

Again, it all seems like magic. As you’re immersed in the rich, silky, foamy bubbles, there’s an element of fantasy that can’t be denied. You feel like you’re living in a dream.

These fantastical elements are all an illusion, however. Foam machines function based on concrete reality and science. Some might argue that science is magic–and we might agree with that statement…as it pertains to foam machines.

Below, we will dust off our lab coats, beakers, and magic wands to explore the science behind our foam machines.

The Basics: What Exactly Are Foam Machines?

View this article as an introduction to the science of foam machines. We can’t get into advanced biophysics without knowing the basics.

To the above point, we’ve worked with customers who’ve never encountered foam machines. While Foam Party Supplies exists because of a substantial demand for foam machines, the desire for our products exists in specific niches. 

Thus, not everyone is familiar with our products, which can be a hidden blessing. There's nothing as magical as your first foam party experience! You now get to discover the gloriousness of foam machines and how they’ll take your party to the next level. 

A foam machine can take on several forms. 

At Foam Party Supplies, we sell a Foam Blaster Pro, a machine shaped similar to something between a cylinder and an ice cream cone. It can fill five feet of depth with foam in a 30 x 40 area in under 7 minutes.

We also sell cannon foam machines. These are more cylindrical and heavy-duty while still being easy to carry around. 

Broadly, foam machines range from small to extra large, depending on where you shop. Choose based on the space you intend to fill with foam bubbles.

The Science Of Foam Machines: The Technical Details.

The Science Of Foam Machines: The Technical Details

Now that we’ve introduced you to foam machines as a concept, it’s time to get into the more technical and operational aspects.

Below are the nuts and bolts of how our foam machines work to create amazing events:

The Most Crucial Ingredient For Your Foamy Concoction: Water.

Foam machines require a 30-gallon trash receptacle to operate. They also need a drum of up to 55 gallons. 

The solution you use (which could be pre-mixed, Gel, or powder) and the size of your reservoir (a giant bucket) will dictate your mixture. The pre-mix mixes from 75:1 to 150:1, meaning 50 gallons will call for anything between 5 to 10 cups of solution.

Then, the foam machine operator must fill the reservoir (all the way) with water. Foam machines have a submersible pump that must be placed into the reservoir. 

Your reservoir will suck out the solution and start to create foam. You can use water from a standard water hose outlet to fill your reservoir. 

A best practice is having your water source as close to your foam party setup as possible. Fortunately, most water hoses have enough length to place your water source up to 100 feet away from your foam machine.

Foam Solutions: A Vital Scientific Element For Foam Machines. 

If foam machine foam is a scientific concoction, foam solutions are vital to the related alchemy.

While you can DIY a homemade foam solution, we advise you not to. The ingredients can harm pets and party guests. Additionally, the mess will be impossible to clean.

Foam machines operate best with powder, liquid, or gel solutions that are hypoallergenic, colorless, biodegradable, scentless, and formulated organically. Our solutions also have a neutral PH, use cosmetic-grade ingredients, and are safe for pets and humans.

These foam solutions offer the best experience for guests since they don’t cause any irritation or allergic reactions. Plus, clean-up is seamless. Our solutions (that you can purchase from the Foam Party Supplies website) evaporate on their own. However, spraying them with a garden hose or nozzle will break them down faster. 

Bring Your Foam Machines To Life With An Electrical Outlet.

What “mad scientist” scene in a movie is complete without pulling down a lever that causes an overdramatic electric jolt that brings life to their gnarly creation?

“It’s alive!” the mad scientist yells as their monster rises from the prone position. 

Luckily, the science behind foam machines isn’t “mad,” nor will you create any monsters. However, you do require electricity to bring your foam machine to life. 

Ensure your foam machine is plugged into a stand electrical outlet. It should be easily accessible, but extension cords make it so your cannon or blaster can be 100 feet away from the outlet. Nonetheless, you want your machine to be as close to the outlet as possible. 

We suggest a 12-gauge weatherproof extension cord and a waterproof extension cord connector for optimal safety.

Lastly, ensure the extension cord runs away from the foam-dispersal area. 

Your Foam Machine Operator Is The Leading Scientist.

Foam machines require an operator.

Your choice of operator will depend on the nature of the party. You could try operating your foam machine yourself if you’ve rented one for a one-off shindig. You probably want to have fun with your guests, though. So hiring a professional operator will likely make more sense.

Are you an event coordinator or a party planner? You might benefit from outsourcing or delegating to a designated operator, so you can focus on other party-related facets. 

Most of our foam machines at Foam Party Supplies come with step-by-step instructions and are easy to use. Conversely, our HD machine often calls for the trusty hands of a pro, although many of our customers have learned to use it quite seamlessly.

Nonetheless, a specialized pro will ensure optimal results. They’ll set up, tear down, and manage all other related legwork while delivering maximum foamy fun!

Other Suggestions (In The Name Of Foam Party Science).

A scientific formula calls for many ingredients. 

The science behind successful foam parties relies on more than the technical machine-related details. 

For instance, you want to ensure everyone is dressed appropriately. Lightweight clothing like swimsuits, t-shirts, and shorts (like what’s worn at a pool party) provide optimal comfort at foam parties. Also, guests shouldn’t wear suede or other non-water-friendly material. 

Another crucial ingredient is a speaker for playing music. You’ll need a powerful enough speaker (at least 200w) to be heard over all the chatter and buzz. 

Splash-proof and waterproof speakers are a must.

Since foam parties are often family-oriented, ensure the songs are friendly to all ages, like Pharrell’s Happy or Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.  

Foam Party Supplies Is Your Go-To Foam Party Science Professor.

Foam Party Supplies

We are all about the foam party-based scientific method at Foam Party Supplies. 

Specifically, we embrace experimentation and exploring creative ideas for foam parties. As long as your approaches are safe and guarantee guest comfort, we suggest being as daring and bold as possible. The more imaginative the idea, the more fun it tends to be for those in attendance.

We’ve spent years experimenting with foam parties and learning what works best through trial and error and perfected our formula. 

So, feel free to ask us anything about foam machines and parties, and we’ll provide thoughtful, detailed answers.