What Types Of Foam Solution Can I Use With My Foam Machine? What Are Their Respective Pros And Cons?

What Types Of Foam Solution Can I Use With My Foam Machine? What Are Their Respective Pros And Cons?

When you hear the term "solution," your mind likely goes to solving a problem. It's indicative of the entrepreneurial spirit. Your consumers have an issue that needs to be handled–and your company's services fulfill those needs.

As party planners and event coordinators, your clients need solutions to ensure their soiree, shindig, festival, etc., is enjoyable for all in attendance.

In fact, many of your clients want to go above and beyond a straightforward "good time." They want to have a blast, and nothing else will suffice.

Adding foam to the equation is an increasingly popular tool (or solution) for any party or event scenario.

Have you noticed your target clients' growing interest in foam machine parties? Or does your broader market research suggest adding foam parties to your service list could be lucrative for your business?

If so, investing in a foam machine will be highly profitable. You'll first need a foam cannon, gun, or similar product that suits your party-planning/event-coordinating needs and budgetary requirements.

You'll also require a different kind of solution. More specifically, you'll need a foam machine solution–the formula for creating luxurious foam bubbles at foam parties.

Several foam machine solution options exist, but you'll need to find the right product for your business. Below, we'll examine the various types of foam machine solutions while exploring their respective pros and cons:

Gel Foam Machine Solution

Foam Party Supplies provides our customers a high-quality, highly concentrated gel foam solution formula.

Our gel foam solution is non-staining–meaning cleanup is easy. It’s colorless, scentless, and has a neutral PH while boasting cosmetic-grade ingredients and organic formulation. Moreover, our gel foam solution is biodegradable.

Also, our gel foam machine solutions have super stacking foam (although this trait is consistent with all our solutions).

One of the crucial benefits of our gel foam solution is that it’s hypoallergenic–one of several factors that makes it pet and human-friendly.

The mixture ratio for our gel solution is 75 gallons of water per pound–a highly efficient ratio.

We sell our gel for $90. While this price is higher than some of our other solution products, each container possesses five gallons of gel foam machine solution. So–you save money in the long run. Plus, economical shipping options make this purchase even easier on your wallet.

A potential disadvantage of our foam machine gel is the need for measuring. You can’t just dump and go. This pitfall is often the case with most foam solutions–but some products (which we’ll soon discuss) eliminate measuring.

Foam Party Supplies’ foam gel solution doesn’t mix in cold water. While this isn’t a significant inconvenience, you must remain mindful of this factor to avoid any embarrassing snafus at parties.

Powder Foam Machine Solution

Despite its different consistency, our powder foam machine solution possesses many of the same characteristics as our gel.

It’s biodegradable, non-staining, scent-free, and uses cosmetic-grade ingredients incorporated via an organic formulation. Furthermore, our powder foam solution is safe for pets and humans and is hypoallergenic.

Unlike the colorless gel foam solution, our powder foam solution is white. Plus, its mix ratio is lower than our gel, at 60 gallons per pound. Moreover, our powder costs less than our gel, at $70 for a large bag.

Foam Party Supplies’ powder is lighter than gels and liquids. Thus, it offers more economical shipping options than our other foam solution products.

Most of our customers fall in love with our powder foam machine solution because of its dump-and-go capabilities. You won’t need to measure anything when using this product, offering the most streamlined foam delivery.

We’ll also note that our powder can mix with cold water.

The only potential “con” of foam powder is that it’s slightly more expensive than our pre-mix option–a dollar more per single order. This difference is negligible–especially when considering the excellent mixture ratios offered by this powder.

Pre-Mixed Foam Solution

The pre-mixed foam machine solution at Foam Party Supplies offers many of the same benefits as the previous two options. Namely, it has the following characteristics:

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Staining
  • Scentless
  • Hypoallergenic
  • PH Neutral
  • Organic formulation
  • Human and pet safe

Similar to our gel (but unlike our powder), our pre-mixed foam solution is colorless. It also offers a true 150:1 mixture ratio–much higher than gel or powder. 

Our pre-mix meshes seamlessly with cold water, but it does not have dump-and-go capabilities. You’ll have to measure when using it.

Also, our pre-mix is a heavier solution. Therefore, shipping is less economical. That said, the upfront cost of $69 per gallon increases its cost-efficiency.

The main benefit you’ll get from the pre-mix is the lack of extra legwork that goes into using it. As the name states, it’s a pre-mixed product. You don’t need to worry about additional components like you may with other foam solutions.

Which Foam Machine Solution Is Best For Your Party-Planning And Event Coordinating Business?

Context matters in answering the above question. There's no definitive best foam solution product.

Instead, there's only the best foam machine solution product for your party-planning or event-coordinating needs.

Factors such as the type of machine, transportation methods, business scope, and general philosophies will all play a factor in your ideal foam solution.

No matter your choice of foam solution, take comfort in knowing our products are hassle-free. There won't be lengthy cleanups or clients complaining about irritated skin or burning eyes.

We can give you more direct answers as we learn more about your party-planning or event-coordinating approaches and logistics.

Foam Party Supplies has partnered with party professionals like you for years. Applying our sure-handed knowledge, we'll suggest the most suitable products upon gathering information about your processes and overall scope.

Do you have any questions? Contact us with any queries, and we’ll provide our practical foam party insights. 

Should You DIY Your Foam Machine Solution?

We appreciate the DIY spirit–especially when party-planning businesses are in their infancy. Yes–you need to spend money to make money. All the same, you must find clever ways to cut costs to maximize your profits.

Unfortunately, we strongly oppose using DIY foam machine solutions.

Let’s say you could make a hypoallergenic, human, and pet-friendly solution. Moreover, we’ll assume your DIY foam is scent-free, biodegradable, and contains the same traits as our solution.

In this instance, we’d say go ahead. DIY away.

However, DIY solutions don’t share the same features as Foam Party Supplies’ solutions. Our products are scientifically formulated by industry experts.

DIY solutions are often made with ingredients like dish soap. They frequently cause skin irritation and leave behind suds, causing a stressful, labor-intensive cleanup. Plus, these concoctions are often toxic and may harm pets and humans.

While DIYing would save you the initial upfront costs of more professional foam solutions, the long-term costs will harm your business venture. Here’s what we mean:

  • Your reputation will suffer due to the adverse outcomes caused by your homemade foam, given the discomfort this concoction will inflict on your clients.
  • Finding consistent work will be nearly impossible when negative word-of-mouth surrounds your company.
  • You’ll lose out on opportunities because of the lack of time efficiency. You’re spending extra time making the foam and cleaning it up when the party is done. You could otherwise spend those lost hours working at other parties or crafting marketing strategies.

Why leave yourself–and your business–vulnerable to these pitfalls? Moreover, why take such a risk when you can purchase our foam machine solution products at an affordable upfront cost?

Matching Your Foam Machine Solution with The Right Foam Machine.

Since you're researching foam machine solutions, you're probably also learning about foam machines.

Matching the best foam solution with the top foam machine will significantly boost any party planner's bottom line.

Foam Party Supplies has a wide selection of foam machines, from lighter weight to heavy-duty and guns to canon. You're bound to find a machine that fits your budget and the scope of the parties you're planning or events you're coordinating.

Explore our product catalog to learn more about our industry-leading, state-of-the-art foam machines.

We're More Than an Equipment Provider. We're Your Business Partner. 

Shopping from our impressive product catalog makes you more than a customer at Foam Party Supplies. Doing business with us means you're our partner. As such, we'll put 100% of our energy into helping you succeed.

While we’re proud of being a foam party supply hub, we're also a valuable resource. Our status as foam party thought leaders means we know how to help you achieve optimal results.

Search Foam Party Supplies' product list to learn more about our offerings. If you have any questions, contact us through our on-page chat app!