Creating the Ultimate Foam Party: Essential Supplies And Tips For Success

Creating the Ultimate Foam Party: Essential Supplies And Tips For Success

Are you looking for an outside-the-box party idea that’s bound to be a hit with all in attendance? Do you want to plan or coordinate a shindig that will resonate for months–if not years–to come, generating tremendous buzz and chatter.

Sometimes it can be tough to stand out from the pack. Humans have been celebrating things by throwing parties since the beginning of time! We've seen it all and done it all (or so we think). 

So, looking for exciting ways to spice up an event is vital if you want said event to leave a lasting impression.

Planning, coordinating, or hosting a foam party is one way to differentiate your party from the rest.

We at Foam Party Supplies have been foam party industry leaders for many years. We’ve witnessed firsthand the impact the addition of a foam cannon or gun has on parties. Everyone in attendance always has an absolute BLAST–whether adult or child.

The bubbles that come from a foam cannon unlock a sense of fun that can’t be denied. Foam sparks everybody's desire to play, let loose, and make new friends while catching up with old ones.

In this article, we’ll explore essential foam party supplies while providing other helpful tips for creating the ultimate foam party:

What Exactly Is A Foam Party?

First things first, you'll want a general idea of what to expect at a foam party.

For instance, what kind of foam coverage can you expect at your foam party? Are we talking about a light atmospheric drizzling of foam? Or are we talking about epic foam coverage?

We're talking epic foam coverage if you’re using even the base model from Foam Party Supplies.

In under seven minutes, our most affordable foam machine can fill a 30x40 space with foam that runs five feet deep. It’s like immersing the party area in a delightfully fluffy cloud!

Typically, the area with all the foam is the party hub. It’s the environment where all partygoers mingle and partake in some full-throttled fun.

When the foam hub is bursting with silky foam, it only makes sense to add some music. Cater the music to the type of party you’re having. If it’s a children’s party or an all-ages affair, family-friendly tunes with lots of energy are a must. More adult-themed parties offer a bit more freedom; we suggest dance, r and b, and hip-hop to get everyone moving. 

Foam is basically an all-encompassing toy at a foam party. 

Partygoers can fashion foam hairdos by piling foam on their heads. They can also craft foam snowmen and stand beneath the “foam rainbow” emanating from the foam cannon. The fluffy bubbles offer a genuinely immersive experience for all involved.

Do you run a party planning or event coordinating business? Foam parties allow you to market your services easily because they guarantee eye-catching photos. Of course, you’d need to ask for permission to use party photos as marketing material. Still, as long as you have permission, you can add those pictures to your social media channels.

Additionally, partygoers will take pictures and add them to Facebook and Instagram, spreading the word about your business.

Here are just some of the settings that are ideal for a foam party:

  • Daycare celebrations.
  • School or day-camp events.
  • Birthday parties.
  • Gender reveals.
  • Festivals.
  • Summer parties.
  • Fairs.
  • Church events.
  • Graduations.
  • College events.
  • Dance parties.
  • Music festivals.
  • Town picnics.

Essential Foam Party Supplies

While these aren’t necessarily “supplies,” a water hose connection and an electrical outlet are required for any foam party.

Here’s a list of the rest of the foam party supplies you’ll need:

  • Foam machine.
  • Foam solution.
  • Garden hose.
  • Water source.
  • Extension cords.
  • Foam machine reservoir.
  • Submersible pump. 
  • A speaker.

You’ll also require a foam machine operator. You could be the operator, but it could make more sense to outsource or delegate those duties, depending on how you run your business.

We’ll now explore more specific tips for creating the ultimate foam party:

Should You Use A Foam Cannon Or A Traditional Foam Machine?

Should You Use A Foam Cannon Or A Traditional Foam Machine?

 There’s no wrong answer regarding what foam machine you should use (when shopping with Foam Party Supplies). Whether you use a foam cannon or a traditional foam machine will depend on how much space you need to fill.

Our Foam Blaster Pro Machines have been taking the foam party scene by storm for a decade-plus! In fact, they’ve been powering foam party businesses by tirelessly pumping out foam at heroic levels for 35 hours every week of the year. When you buy this bad boy, you can trust it to party harder than everyone else in the foam room.

We’ll happily rest our reputation on the Foam Blaster Pro. It’s a foam machine we take pride in because it's always led to epic foam parties.

However, our Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon kicks things up to previously inconceivable levels of epicness and fun.

For one, we’re talking about a foam cannon. That means it possesses cannon-like power, filling rooms with foam in mere moments. 

Want some even better news? Our Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon offers straightforward, hassle-free maintenance due to its easy-peasy toolless design. 

Our proprietary foam cannon undoubtedly brings heavy-duty power to any party. Still, it’s not cumbersome or clunky to handle. It’s actually quite the opposite because of its lightweight design. 

Don’t let our foam cannon’s light weight fool you, either. It's not dainty or delicate. It’s crafted from injection-molded plastic that’s robustly durable. 

Our foam cannon creates a focused stream while optimizing foam velocity with its expertly tapered (12" to 8") removable barrel.

We’d be remiss not to mention our foam cannon’s tripod stand, which is hydraulic, air-powered, and ready to rock any party. Let the foam flow with sky-high extension capabilities!

Now, our foam cannon offers many advantages. You might think it's too good to be true! In fact, it’s so powerful and comprehensive that it might seem like it could be challenging to operate. This is a misconception!

Specifically, ease of use was a top priority when we designed the Foam Blaster Maxx. This notion is evident in our heavy-duty cannon mount, guaranteeing seamless cannon usage, so you can put all your energy into creating the ultimate foam party!

Two more crucial features of our foam cannon are its versatility and security. It has 360-degree rotation. When you find your ideal position, you can keep it there with the locking mechanism. Thus, you can direct the foam based on the demands of the party.

We’ve listed many features already–but we’re only scratching the surface. Click here to learn more about our Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon.

What Foam Solution Should You Use?

We strongly suggest not using homemade foam machine solutions. Typically, these involve harsh home cleaning products that create a substantial mess that’s virtually impossible to clean. 

Moreover, homemade foam solutions can cause allergic reactions or cause general discomfort for partygoers.

Now, you might not want to break the bank on foam solutions–especially if you’re running a business using lots of it. In this instance, we often suggest our highly concentrated gel formula for customers who wish to save money without sacrificing quality. 

You’ll get five full gallons of our gel formula at a reasonable price. 

Here are some of the more advantageous qualities of our gel solution:

  • It’s hypo-allergenic and non-staining.
  • It has no scent and a neutral PH.
  • We use cosmetic-grade ingredients and make the gel via organic formulation.
  • Our gel is safe for humans and pets.

Are you looking for optimal convenience with your foam solution? Then, we suggest our Ready to Run formula. You won’t need to worry about mixing and measuring. Instead, you and your partygoers will revel in mass amounts of instant foam. 

Our Ready to Run solution comes in 34oz and 64oz sizes. Each size is designed to blend seamlessly into your given party environment. 

This convenient formula means navigating measuring cups and ratios (and the resulting headaches) won’t be necessary. The party will begin in the blink of an eye! 

The Ready to Run formula lets you focus on playing the most bumping tunes and cultivating the best possible party atmosphere. All that’s required is pouring it and letting the magic take over.

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More About Creating The Ultimate Foam Party

Foam Party Supplies has helped customers like you plan successful and memorable foam parties for years. We know the ins and outs of the industry and are happy to offer advice on all related facets.

To the above point, we’re thrilled to answer any more questions you have about foam parties. 

So, don’t be shy! Contact us today with any inquiries about your specific foam party needs. We look forward to lending you our expertise.