The Black Box (Injection Blending System)
The Black Box (Injection Blending System)
The Black Box (Injection Blending System)
The Black Box (Injection Blending System)
The Black Box (Injection Blending System)

The Black Box (Injection Blending System)

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Get ready to revolutionize your foam party game with the one and only Foam Party Supplies Foam Injection Blending System! This bad boy has been rocking the foam scene since 2013, and it's about to blow your mind!

Say goodbye to the hassle of mixing foam and water in a gigantic trash can. With our proprietary blending system, we've got you covered! It pre-blends the perfect foam and water solution, so you can forget about lugging around a 30-gallon can and hoping for the best. No more guesswork or tedious measurements. Just turn the dial and voila! Adjust the amount of solution to suit your foam desires. Crank it up for a foam extravaganza or dial it down for a snowy surprise. It's all in your hands!

But wait, there's more! Our system takes convenience to the next level. Simply connect your water hose and foam solution to this sleek unit, and you're good to go. No more messy setups or complicated connections. It's all integrated for your party pleasure!

Our Foam Injection Blending System is the real deal! With a high-quality, American made pump designed for continuous use, you can party all night long without any worries.

And that's not all! We've thought of everything. The collapsible handle makes it a breeze to wheel this beauty around. Need spare parts or tools? No problem! We've got a detachable tray just for that. Plus, we've even added a dedicated section to hold your foam solution, so you don't have to carry those bags separately. Talk about convenience!

Oh, and here's a sweet deal for you. With our system, you'll save up to a whopping 20% on your foam solution usage. More foam, less cost—now that's what we call a win-win!

So, don't miss out on this game-changing innovation. Your foam party dreams are about to become a reality!


Complete Injection Blending System with Integrated Solution Pump

*Please note: Tools pictured, color infusion manifold, and foam solution are not included.

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