From Birthdays To Weddings: How Our Party Foam Cannons Are Taking Event Entertainment to the Next Level.

From Birthdays To Weddings: How Our Party Foam Cannons Are Taking Event Entertainment to the Next Level.

Party planning can be abstract as a concept. "Party" is one word that applies to many scenarios. 

You could provide entertainment for children's birthday parties or weddings. Perhaps, a wedding anniversary. Maybe even a graduation or a massive festival/celebration with live music. It could be a high school reunion or a college banquet. Potentially, it’s a sweet sixteen or a Bar Mitzvah. Don’t forget dance parties, BBQ blasts, and much more.

These outings and affairs all have unique requirements and specifications. Entertainment planners and coordinators must cultivate different moods and energies based on the specific party type. It can all get rather complex–there’s a sweet science to it. You need the right ingredients mixed with perfect timing, perceptiveness, and keen social insight.

No matter the partying scenario, staying at the top of the planning/coordinating industry necessitates the right entertainment for the right party. Moreover, you must outperform your competition and stand out from the pack, separating yourself as a leader in the field.

Broadly speaking, you have a few ways to overcome this unique party/event-planning challenge. Let’s explore them below:

Should You Limit Your Services To One Type Of Party?

Streamlining your focus to one specific niche has its pluses. You give yourself a leg up in one particular avenue because you’re putting your time and energy into mastering it. For instance, you can solidify yourself as an entertainment specialist for children’s parties and corner that market.

However, allow us to retort to these purported benefits. While the one-lane specialist route undoubtedly can work, there’s always a balance you can strike with diversifying your offerings. Indeed, having a trademark–a go-to event or party where you can't be rivaled is often wise. 

At the same time, why would you limit yourself to the revenue–and halted profit potential–offered by only focusing on one type of party? 

Why not broaden your client base and expand your business with the influx of opportunities that come with more party services? You’re giving customers more to choose from and, therefore, more reasons to hire you.

We do understand the concern of spreading yourself too thin. Thus, strategy is absolutely crucial in diversifying your entertainment services as a party planner or event coordinator.

Your best bet is a turnkey solution that makes you a viable option to elevate all party types. Instead of spreading your resources thin by investing a mishmash of services and features to meet the needs of every party or event, spend on one reasonably-priced solution that suits any occasion. 

For instance, foam party cannons suit virtually any occasion, upping the fun to the next level. 

Is It Smart To Take An As-Needed, On-Demand Approach To All Party Types?

Party planners and event coordinators enable themselves to grow their enterprises exponentially by reaching the most possible target customers. Thus, incorporating many different party types into your service offerings makes plain business sense. The caveat is you must diversify cost-efficiently and with returns in mind.

We can’t necessarily argue with giving people the precise party they want. The customer is always right, after all. 

Problems emerge if your approach is more piecemeal and on the fly. Expenditures can start piling up because you’re casting too broad of a net to track. 

Crucial to your success is investing less than you make. A well-calculated business model that weighs the risks and your desired returns is necessary before spreading your wings. 

Also, some customization might be required, even with flexible party equipment like foam cannons. Ideally (and most likely), you'd limit the additional expenditures because foam cannons do much of the heavy lifting for your entertainment services. 

Purchase A Turnkey Party Solution That Takes Any Occasion To The Next Level.

You can’t underspend on your business. Yet, you need to maximize every dollar you do invest. If your strategy is particularly on point, you'll have $1 doing the work of $10, $100, or even $1,000.

Investing in party foam cannons (or one foam cannon) can help you extract every bit of value from every cent you invest in your party/event planning business.  

Party foam cannons can be used in almost any party or event setting. Investing in such equipment makes your services an attractive option for nearly any outing, from weddings to birthdays and everything in between.

Foam Party Supplies sells our Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon Bundle for $2,957. 

Here’s what this investment offers your business:

  • The spectacular Foam Blaster Maxx Foam Cannon.
  • GFCI 3-way plug (for your safety).
  • Mounting Bracket (With Multi-Angle Locking and 360°.
  • Easy-to-follow set-tup and maintenance instructions.
  • A gallon of gel solution.
  • Utility pump. 
  • The next-level hydraulic air-power tripod stand (featuring high extension capabilities).
  • Exclusive discounts on future purchases.

The gallon of gel solution that comes with this bundle will last a while. However, you’ll eventually need to restock, in which case you’ll periodically need to pay for foam powder solution, which typically costs around $68. 

The World Is Your Oyster With Party Foam Cannons.  

With a steadily growing clientele, you’ll recoup these costs quickly before making a substantial profit. Why? Because foam party cannons make any party about 1,000x more fun. 

Also–theoretically–you could focus all your energy on being the quintessential “foam party business” in your area. You can revolve your enterprise on this service alone and potentially get hired for more parties than ever. 

Sure, a wedding, birthday, graduation, prom, banquet, festival, etc.,  might pay for another company’s services on top of yours. They could have live music, a taco stand, or even laser tag. Nonetheless, you’ll fit into the event like a glove because of the unique value your foam party business brings to the table.  

Don't get us wrong. With party foam cannons, your planning/entertaining business can be responsible for the entire party. You can still be the turnkey party planner that manages everything (who's compensated accordingly). 

That said, foam party cannons allow you to focus on the foam and generate substantial profits. The options are plentiful, and the world is your oyster. 

Why Are Foam Cannons Such A Dynamic Tool For Party Planners and Event Coordinators? 

The dynamism of foam cannons for party/event planning businesses stems from their versatility. 

While we’ve explained that foam cannons suit any scenario, we haven’t explored why.

First and foremost, everybody loves foam bubbles–both children and adults.

Think about any child once presented with foamy bubbles. The only way to get a small child into a bath half the time is with the promise of bubbles being involved. Also, what son or daughter doesn’t love it when mom or dad takes them through the car wash? It all can be attributed to the power of foam. 

Specifically, foam bubbles inspire the spirit of play. Their presence signals children to start letting loose and enjoying themselves.

So, your foam cannon will be a massive hit at any child’s party. It could be an outdoor (or even indoor if appropriately planned for) birthday party. 

Adults love foam cannons for the same reason children do. Bubbles appeal to our inner child and inspire us to let go of our inhibitions and lose ourselves in the fun.

For the above reasons, you’ll see foam cannons deployed at dance parties with live music. Something about the presence of bubbles inspires everyone to get on the floor and start busting a move. 

Furthermore, there’s an understated elegance to foam bubbles. While you’ll often see foam cannons used at casual affairs, they fit in just as well at weddings or black-tie galas. 

The light, delicate makeup of the floating foam adds an ethereal quality to these more formal outings. It elevates their grandeur. Instead of any old wedding or a prom party, foam cannons make everyone in attendance feel like they’re floating on a cloud. It’s opulent, luxurious, and a subtly sophisticated way to make these experiences unforgettable. 

Party Foam Cannons And Effective Marketing: A Potent Combination.

Do you want to maximize your foam cannon investment? Then scream the skies about. 

Tell everyone who’ll listen that your event and party planning business has a state-of-the-art foam cannon ready, willing, and able to be used at any event. Post about it on your company’s social media page and write blogs about it. Communicate that you’re available for all party types.

Once you drum up enough interest and get hired for gigs, word will start spreading about your foam parties. Word-of-mouth marketing will take your company to soaring heights.

Note that your foam cannon investment is only one of many intelligent maneuvers you’ll need to make to succeed long-term. 

Another wise strategy is to align with Foam Party Supplies for your foam party needs.

Why work with Foam Party Supplies? We have our clients’ best interests at heart. More importantly, we want them to thrive beyond their wildest dreams. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your party/event planning business.