What Is the Best Soap to Use for Foam Solution for Foam Machines?

What Is the Best Soap to Use for Foam Solution for Foam Machines?

Foam Machine Soap

Playing with foam is enjoyable for both kids and adults. You can use the foam to create snowmen, stack it on your head to see how high you can get, or toss it at your friends for fun. Foam parties also offer tons of fantastic photo opportunities and lifelong memories.

The best foam machine soap must be safe for your skin, clothes, pets, and environment since you'll be spraying it all over your guests, driveway, or backyard.

We, therefore, advise using the foam machine solution from foam party suppliers. The foam solution from Foam Party Suppliers not only meets all the criteria listed above but also produces the most foam of any foam solution on the market! Foam Party Suppliers are trustworthy and reputable sources of foam solutions.

Furthermore, the solution, often provided in gel, powder, or fluid foam, doesn't leave behind any messes and is simple to clean. The foam usually evaporates on its own when the party ends.

Best Foam Solution

Soap is an important component of most foam formations. There are many different variations to soap, and a specific type that works best in foam solution depends on the process being used. Let’s cover each below.

Gel Form Foam Solution

Foam gel solution from Foam party suppliers is a concentrated solution gel formulation. Foam gel solution provides you with 5 gallons of foam machine party solution! The gel foam solution comes in one, two, three, five, and ten-gallon sizes, and it mixes and dilutes with water with ease.

The foam dries quickly for simple cleanup and works with all foam machines. The gel consists of cosmetic-grade ingredients, including the following features;

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Non-Staining
  • Biodegradable
  • Colorless
  • Organic Formulation
  • Neutral PH
  • No Scent
  • Pet and Human Safe

Foam gel from Foam party suppliers

Add the whole bag in a bucket of hot water to thin the gel out first as it makes it easier to get out of the container, then mix the 1 gallon of gel with 4 gallons of hot water, mix and let set for at least 12 hours, but works better if left for 24 hours. Store in cool, dry place until ready to use. You can keep the solution in five-gallon buckets after mixing. When ready, dilute half a gallon of the gel solution with 40 gallons of water. However, water hardness and other factors may impact the dilution ratio.

Foam Machine Liquid Solution

With a genuine 150:1 composition, liquid foam solution saves you money. The liquid solution is easy to mix and dilute with water and is suitable for any foam machine. The pre-mixed foam solution for foam machines comes in three different sizes:

  • One-gallon container
  • five-gallon container 
  • 55-gallon container.

The pre-mix cosmetic-grade ingredients have the following qualities:

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Non-Staining
  • Organic Formulation
  • Neutral PH
  • Biodegradable
  • Colorless
  • No Scent
  • Pet and Human Safe

5-gallon liquid foam solution from Foam Party Suppliers


Mix 150 parts of clean water with a one-part foam solution. The solution works best with warm or hot water. Unless using an injection method, thoroughly mix them. For optimum dilution, test your machine on-site. The dilution rate is dependent on the water hardness in your area.

Foam Powder Solution

This foam soap is available as a powder and creates similar to the liquid and gel solutions. The gluten- and phosphorus-free foam powder solution consists of all-natural ingredients. There is absolutely no odor in this foam, and it stains, is as slippery, and is as harmful just as much as ordinary water. Other characteristics of this white powder solution include:

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Staining
  • Neutral PH
  • Safe for Pets and Humans

Foam powder solution from Foam Party Suppliers


Add One foam powder pack to 50 gallons of clean water (as you may prefer). The dilution rate may differ due to water hardness in your area and other related phenomena.

Foam powder solution is available in the following sizes;

  • Two pack
  • Five pack
  • Twelve pack
  • Twenty-four pack
  • 34 packs (1 case)
  • 68 packs (2 cases)
  • 136 packs (4 cases)

Foam Colorant-Foam Additive

Would you like to give your foam party some color? Regular foam has a lovely gloss. However, introducing color to the formulation creates a notable difference.

Foam colorant comes in various colors for events like gender reveals and school pride. Some available colors are blue, orange sherbet, hot pink, purple, and sunshine yellow. Foam colorant is available in 4oz jars, and each jar colors 40 gallons of foam solution and water mixture. The more foam colorant you use, the more intense the color will be.

How to Make Foam Machine Solution

Foam parties are a fun treat for people of all ages. Furthermore, you can make your party foam solution at home as it's cheaper and manageable.

 Foam machine solution recipe

Water and soap, or shampoo, are all you'll need for this solution. Create a beautiful, bubbly solution by mixing these ingredients. Using twice as much water as soap can help you create the ideal foam solution. This solution works perfectly, rinses off quickly after use, and does not harm grass or plants.

Colored Foam Solution

You can significantly alter the color of your foam solution by adding drops of solvent food coloring. Add the food coloring and stir until you achieve the desired color. You can use this foam-making time to talk to your children about how colors match up. Blue and red give purple, whereas blue and yellow make green.

Avoid using this solution near items you wouldn’t want stained. The food coloring generally washes out after use, but you would rather not risk it.

How to Make Foam from The Foam Solution

Foam parties have grown in popularity as a way to add fun to a party. When meeting new people, falling in foam is a terrific icebreaker. It's also a way to let loose and slide over the floor at a party. You can save money by creating party foam yourself. 


  • Duct Tape
  • A leaf blower or hair dryer
  • Beach Towel
  • A flexible tubing or drain piping
  • Foam solution
  • Water
  • Rope or dog leashes
  • Large, empty container


Step 1

Attach the flexible tubing using duct tape to the end of the blow dryer or leaf blower. A leaf blower would work much better as a hair dryer is slower and will take more time to generate the required foam. Ensure the connection is secure; otherwise, you'll be in much trouble!

In addition to ensuring stability, a tight connection prevents the blower from loosening. The connection provides optimum mixing and foam production of the soap-and-water mixture.

Step 2

Fill your container halfway with water and two bottles of foam solution. It's important not to dilute the solution too much; if you do, add additional solution until the foams are thicker. The water should be hot or warm to achieve the best foam effect.

Step 3

Secure, using the tape, the flexible tubing to the outside of the container, where it will not get wet.

Again, it's crucial to ensure that this connection is secure to prevent leakage of the soap mixture. The mixture would quickly solidify if leakage occurs and clog the tube.

Step 4

After the tubing is in position, cover the setup with a beach towel. The beach towel aids in containing the foam solution throughout foam creation.

Afterward, fasten the towel around the container with a rope to ensure everything stays in place without much movement.

Step 5

We're now in the exciting part! Switch on the blower and see the foam mixture transform into magnificent, puffy foam. As the foam accumulates, you may add more mix to the container as desired.

It's time to enjoy once you've attained your desired foam amount. Use a shovel if you need the foam to spread out to make the surface more equally foamed.

Cleaning Up After a Foam Party

After a foam party, you will remain with a significant amount of foam. You can wait for it to disappear as the foam usually foam goes away by itself.

Depending on the size of the foam and the weather, it may take one to two hours for it to vanish and completely dry out. Alternatively, wash the foam away with water if you want to hasten the cleaning process. To dissolve the foam, use your watering hose to sprinkle water over the surface.

Most parents wait for the foam to dissipate for a hassle-free cleanup. After that, you may need to wash. At the end of the foam party, attendees often wash themselves off using a garden hose, and kids enjoy this a lot. Foam Party Suppliers use organic and non-toxic ingredients in their foam solutions, thus, entirely safe for you and your visitors.

You may put your wet clothes into the washer to get them ready for another foam party. Since Foam Party Suppliers foam solutions are safe, they will not damage your clothes.