Is A Foam Party Machine Plug-In Or Battery-Powered (And How Long Can I Use It)?

Is A Foam Party Machine Plug-In Or Battery-Powered (And How Long Can I Use It)?

A foam party machine is an exceptional tool to add to your party service list. In fact, it can be the foundation of your entire business model, depending on your target market.

Investing in a foam party machine is often a low-risk, high-reward maneuver. It creates buzz and is a crucial contributor to fun-filled atmospheres. You’ll benefit from steady demand (provided your marketing is on point).

Still, do these overwhelming positives mean a foam party machine will definitely work for you? 

There are no guarantees in this world.

After all, one doesn’t simply order a foam cannon or gun and then generate profits like magic. The mechanics of these products–and your ability to operate them–will dictate such an investment’s level of success.

Mastering your tools of the trade is a constant need for all lines of work. A foam party machine is no different and requires a firm grasp of its nuts and bolts.

For instance, what kind of power source does a foam party machine require? Also, how long can you operate a foam party machine before replenishing/recharging it?

What Power Source Does Your Foam Party Machine Require?

Not all foam party machines are made the same. Low-powered options for personal use can run on batters. You’ll likely find a battery-run foam party machine at a place like Wal-Mart. 

What if you need a commercial foam party machine, though? What if you’re looking for a foam cannon or gun to meet more extensive business demands for foam?

In the above instance, you’ll need a foam party machine that operates via a cord and a standard electrical outlet to optimize usage.

How Far Away Can My Foam Party Machine Be From An Electrical Outlet?

We appreciate the appeal of battery-powered machines. Specifically, the portability factor is a primary selling point.

Coordinating the ideal machine location and outlet positioning can be hard to ensure optimized foam dispersal. You want the freedom to deliver the best experience to all attendees.

Our state-of-the-art foam party machines at Foam Party Supplies meet you in the middle for portability when you use extension cords. They allow your machine to operate 100 feet away from the electrical outlet.

That said, the closer your foam party machine is to the power source, the more optimal its performance is.

Protecting Your Cord From Hazards.

Be mindful of protecting yourself and foam party-goers from potential hazards. At the end of the day, you’re putting a source of electricity near a water source. Safety precautions are paramount.

A suggested best practice for foam party machine operations is to combine a 12-gauge weatherproof extension cord with a waterproof extension cord connector. You’ll ensure all party attendees’ safety, provided a cord accidentally gets wet. Moreover, you’ll protect your reputation as an event coordinator or party planner by preventing possible hazards.

We include GFCI extension cords with several of our products, such as our Foam Blaster Pro model

Extension cords with GFCI protection provide an additional safety layer against electrical hazards. This feature monitors electrical flow and automatically shuts off circuit power when the currency flow begins to change.

One final safety disclaimer is to run your extension cords away from the foam dispersal area.

How Long Does A Foam Machine Run Before It Must Be Recharged Or Replenished?

You won’t need to recharge a foam party machine from Foam Party Supplies because of a lack of power since our equipment isn’t battery-powered. However, as discussed below, you shouldn't keep our foam machines running continuously.

Nonetheless, several of our machines–like our Foam Blaster Pro SE–can operate for 35 hours weekly, 52 weeks yearly.

Should I Keep My Foam Party Machine Running During An Entire Event?

While several of our foam party machine models can run for a long time, that doesn’t mean you should necessarily run the machine non-stop. 

Like any other piece of equipment, your foam party machine will face the rigors of wear and tear. When operating a foam cannon or gun for too long, you’ll diminish the lifespan of the equipment.

Also, keeping most foam machines running for extended periods is often unnecessary. For example, a foam cannon can produce foam that lasts for ten minutes out of five liters of foam solution. Thus, you can continually turn the machine on for one minute and off for five over an hour. However, you can keep the machine running longer if you buy more foam solution.

How Often Should I Replenish My Foam Machine?

Your foam machine is electrically powered–but it’s also powered by water and foam solution. Operating your foam gun or cannon without these components isn't possible.

Five gallons of foam solution typically lasts around three hours (especially if you’re turning the foam machine on or off). Many clients we work with will fill a barrel or trash bin with ten gallons of water and one or two cups of solution. In this instance, you’ll need to replenish every six hours or so.

You’ll limit the need for replenishment by using an economical, efficient foam solution like what we offer at Foam Party Supplies. Click here to peruse our diverse foam solution catalog. 

Our State-Of-The-Art Foam Party Machine Equipment Offers Optimal Results.

Mobility, power setups, and recharging/replenishing are all factors you should consider with a foam party machine. 

Indeed, those are crucial factors in making the best possible foam party machine investment. 

Most vital, though, is purchasing supplies from a company that sells foam party machine models you can trust to get the job done and exceed expectations. You want foam guns and canons that offer the peace of mind of seamlessly accessed and safe power sources and a limited need for recharging/replenishment. 

We provide all those benefits (and much more!) at Foam Party Supplies. Contact us today to discuss what foam party machine best suits your business needs.